“What seems to me the highest and most difficult achievement in Art is not to make us laugh or cry or to raise our lust or our anger, but to do as Nature does, that is, fill us with wonderment. The most beautiful works have indeed this quality. They are surreal in aspect, incomprehensible.” – Lucian Freud

It was a video of Lucian Freud’s studio produced for Nowness in 2010 that fuelled my interest in art. A collector since my early 20’s that video of Freud’s studio has remained fixed in my mind while I have involved myself more through collecting art and volunteer work.

A music group is much more appreciated when they are seen live. We appreciate a well-known actor more after seeing them perform at a live show. The same really does go for artists who paint. It is too often the case where all we know about an artist is the final work we see on a wall. We can’t all access an artist’s personal studios however we can all access it online.

Through online art sites, Instagram and other social media platforms, people are more engaged with art than ever. Younger generations are engaging with art online more now than visiting museums or galleries. They can access art anytime they like from anywhere in the world. Who is that work by? What materials did they use? What inspires them to paint like that? The journey to discover great art work and talented artists starts whenever we sit down at our laptops, pick up our tablet or gaze into our mobile screens.

With a passion for both art and digital, both worlds have come together with me founding Artistry Studios. Artistry Studios is now live to share and promote talented Australian artists to the world. Having studied both Arts and Business I have always been looking at ways to combine both interests to support the Arts.  Therefore 100% of the proceeds from works sold on this site go directly to the artist. No commission.

I invite you to join the journey and meet all resident artists who will join Artistry Studios from here.



Scott Mitchelmore

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